2016 San Francisco Giants Prospect Guide

What's Inside the Prospect Guide?:
  • 50 Scouting Reports. Features fully updated bios on the Giants Top 50 Prospects (the only place you can find that much info)
  • Farm System Report. Detailed info about the Giants Farm System
  • Prospect MLB ETA. Find out when to realistically expect to see these prospects at AT&T Park.

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In the eBook, You Will Receive:

Top 50 Prospects

Most prospect guides only give you info on 10-15 top prospects and it's info that most Giants fans already know. The Top 50 gives you insight to the "up and coming" guys on the prospect radar.

It's a PDF.

The easily downloadable pdf gives you the ease of saving it to access it at anytime. Unlike the clunky (and expensive) book you can access the Giants Prospect info whenever you want

Just Giants Info

Unlike the other prospect guides that have info on teams you don't follow, this prospect guide is just info on your favorite team

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What happens when I buy it?

Great question - you will receive an email with the link to download the Giants Prospect Guide.

Why Wait? Get the downloadable book now:

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