Gio Brusa MLB Draft Prospect Profile

Gio Brusa MLB Draft Prospect Info:
Full Prospect Details:
Draft Expectation: First Round 2016
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Gio Brusa
School-University of the Pacific (Stockton, California)
Height/Weight-6’3″/220 lbs
Previously Drafted: Atlanta Braves – 2012 MLB Draft in the 37th round & St. Louis Cardinals – 2015 MLB Draft in the 23rd round

Gio Brusa Scouting Report:

Gio Brusa is one of the top power prospects available in the 2016 MLB Draft. Brusa grabbed the attention of scouts for his play in the Cape Cod League during the summer of 2014. Brusa posted a .322 average with six home runs and 20 RBI with the Brewster Whitecaps which catapulted him to be the fourth best prospect in the Cape. As a natural switch-hitter, Brusa has endured injuries every year of his college career. From left shoulder injuries, to right arm injury and a partially torn UCL in his throwing arm that happened in mid-April shut down his Junior season. Defensively he is an average defender with a solid arm. He has shown good instincts and runs well on the bases. He played the majority of the 2015 season in right field and there is no reason why he cannot stay there. The 2014 season was a rough year for him in left field. Gio is clearly a better left-handed hitter than right-handed. During his entire career he only hit one (1) home run right-handed and that came during the 2015 season. He has shown the ability to make adjustments at the plate. His first at-bats he looks completely foolish and over-matched but at-bats two and three he looks confident and drives the ball with conviction. What’s so interesting about Gio is that he is a better wood bat hitter than metal bats. He does not get cheated at the plate as his strikeout totals are very high. Every ball he hits though is loud and hard. When he’s hot he can carry a team, but he is a streaky hitter.

Gio comes from a great family and is a high character player. His mother, Angela is a UOP alum and works for the largest bank in Stockton as the Marketing Director. His father Jim is the Athletic Director for the prestigious St. Mary’s High School in Stockton. St. Mary’s notable alums include Doug Martin of the Tampa Bay Bucs, Kyle Jensen Dodgers outfielder, 2014 MLB Draft pick Louie Lechich, and Oakland Raiders Josh Harper. Gio is a devote christian and relies heavily on his faith. Playing at home can create unnecessary stress, we would not be surprised if he excels away from Stockton as he did during the 2014 summer.

His health has been a concern over the last few years as had gone through numerous injuries to his arm and shoulders. Should he get drafted in the first round of 2016,  Brusa will more than likely be represented by Scott Boras. Boras is former Pacific baseball player and his nephew, Jimmy is currently on the team. Scott Boras has a reputation for requesting a substantial amount of money for his clients. With the injury that cut his season short he has a chance to improve his draft stock. He ranks as one of the top 50 draft prospects in this year draft (LIST). St. Louis Cardinals selected Gio Brusa in the 23rd round of the 2015 draft. He has publicly said he will be heading back to Pacific for his senior year. On June 30, Pacific Tigers Head Coach Ed Sprague resigned which will result in a new coaching staff for Gio during his senior year. With Mike Neu as the new (no pun intended) Head Coach for the Tigers we presume a lot more dedication to grooming the talent than there was in the last few years.
Scouting grades:
Hit: 60 | Power: 60 | Run: 50 | Arm: 50 | Field: 50 | Overall: 55
Gio Brusa Stats:

2015 Season: .291 AVG, 30G, 110AB, 32H, 10/2B, 2/3B, 4HR, 13RBI, 20BB, 31K, 3SB, .400OBP%,
2014 Season: .257 AVG, 53G, 202AB, 52H, 17/2B, 2/3B, 3HR, 40RBI, 15BB, 35K, 1SB, .322OBP%

About Gio Brusa:
Brusa Chooses Pacific over Major League Baseball, writes Lodi-News Sentinal
Gio Brusa Has The Potential to Succeed writes

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