Ranking of MLB Farm Systems 2015

Ranking of MLB Farm Systems

We went through and ranked each MLB farm systems. Our rankings evaluate the talent in the minors/overall depth of the organization, 2014 draft picks and overall impact potential of prospects. The teams we ranked higher we firmly believe that they have a higher likelihood of having everyday MLB players and potential All-Stars. Below you will find our MLB Farm System rankings.
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Ranking of MLB Farm Systems

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1 Chicago Cubs Top 10 Prospect List: Chicago (NL)
The Chicago Cubs have quickly complied a very impressive list of talent and under the guidance of Theo Epstein they should be in contention very soon. The Cubs minor league system is highlighted by third basemen Kris Bryant…READ MORE
2 Minnesota Twins Top 10 Prospect List: Minnesota
The Twins farm system ranks number two because of impressive amount the talent pool they possess. Uber prospect Byron Buxton suffered through a bevy of injuries and should make up for lost time in 2015. The Twins are a system that allows their players to develop so despite the urge to rush Buxton, with just 31 games played last year he should return to Double-A to start the season not Triple-A as some might suspect…READ MORE
3 Pittsburgh Pirates Top 10 Prospect List: Pittsburgh
The Pittsburgh Pirates have steadily improved both at the major league level and in their farm systems over the last few years. Gregory Polanco, Andrew McCutchen, Gerrit Cole, Starling Marte, Neil Walker & Pedro Alvarez are many of the players on the Pirates roster that came up through their system…. READ MORE
4 Houston Astros Top 10 Prospect List: Houston
Coming into the 2014 season the Astros has arguably the top farm system in all of baseball with the likes of uber talented outfielder George Springer and first baseman Jonathan Singleton. Both guys eventually would make their MLB debuts. It was expected that they would fall down after these promotion and the inability to sign their first round pick Brady Aiken… READ MORE
5 New York Mets Top 10 Prospect List: New York (NL)
The New York Mets are in such a unique position, they have a ton of young, affordable pitchers under their control. Which is exactly what every team in at the MLB level desires. They currently have seven (7) guys that could pencil in at their rotation in the bigs and another two or three in the minors ready to make their debut at some point during the 2015 season. RHP Noah Syndergaard is their prized pitching prospect… READ MORE
6 Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Prospect List: Los Angeles (NL)
The Dodgers minor league system is one that continues to get better and better. Julio Urias is their top pitching prospect and Joc Pederson is set to begin the…..READ MORE
7 Kansas City Royals Top 10 Prospect List: Kansas City
The Royals Farm System has developed into one of the top farm systems within the last 7-9 years. Developing players who graduate to the bigs is recipe they used to march into the World Series last year. The fast ascend to the big leagues for their 2014 first round pick…READ MORE
8 Colorado Rockies Top 10 Prospect List: Colorado
The Colorado Rockies have very quietly developed an impressive farm system. Their system has quality pitching prospects, a solid bats. It’s fair to say that their system, aside from Jon Gray, it not loaded with scary good talent but more solid big leaguers….READ MORE
9 Boston Red Sox Top 10 Prospect List: Boston
Entering the 2014 season the Red Sox had the #1 Farm System in all of baseball. After graduating Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts their drop in talent is not substantial at all. In fact, they are a fast-moving system but have several players…READ MORE
10 San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospect List: San Diego
The city of San Diego is the epicenter of some of the top baseball talent in the country. On the college level, University of San Diego and San Diego State always stockpile a ton of local talent and some of the best players in the country because of the magnificent weather and the beaches. The Padres made waves this offseason by…READ MORE
11 Texas Rangers Top 10 Prospect List: Texas
The Rangers spend a significant amount of money of guys who are “toolsy” in the draft and the international market. They shelled out 4.95 million for Nomar Mazara…READ MORE
12 Arizona Diamondbacks Top 10 Prospect List: Arizona
The Diamondbacks had some serious front office changes during the season which included a major shakeup in the offseason. Tony LaRussa was hired in May to serve as the Chief Baseball Officer and ultimately dismissed…READ MORE
13 Atlanta Braves Top 10 Prospect List: Atlanta
The Atlanta Braves Farm System has done a superb job developing young talent including Craig Kimbrel, Andrelton Simmons, Freddie Freeman and Mike Minor over the last few years. Taking a deeper look at their current status of their system leaves…READ MORE
14 Washington Nationals Top 10 Prospect List: Washington
Let me go ahead and get this out of the way; RHP Lucas Giolito is the real deal. His return from Tommy John surgery has been impressive and posted eye-popping numbers in Low-A…READ MORE
15 Toronto Blue Jays Top 10 Prospect List: Toronto
The Blue Jays system has two first round picks last year and made the most of their selections. Jeff Hoffman as pick #9 and is working his way back from Tommy John surgery…READ MORE
16 Baltimore Orioles Top 10 Prospect List: Baltimore
The O’s farm system has three right handers that should anchor the rotation for years to come. Dylan Bundy, Kevin Gausman and Hunter Harvey. Bundy should be back this year following a Tommy John surgery and a….READ MORE
17 St. Louis Cardinals Top 10 Prospect List: St. Louis
Within the last two years the Cardinals have had Michael Wacha, Carlos Martinez, Trevor Rosenthal, Shelby Miller, Kolten Wong and Oscar Taveras all graduate to the bigs and be removed from their top prospect list. For a team that promoted this much talent, this give you an idea of how loaded their system truly is…READ MORE
18 Philadelphia Phillies Top 10 Prospect List: Philadelphia
Within the last few years the Phillies farm system has gone from very strong to terrible to starting to build momentum. The reason for the steady decline was the big clubs focus on making the MLB team a winner….READ MORE
19 New York Yankees Top 10 Prospect List: New York (AL)
ands down, Luis Severino is by far their best prospect. After that it’s a tremendous drop-off in talent. The Yankees are not known for a lucrative farm system that produces everyday big leaguers… READ MORE
20 Miami Marlins Top 10 Prospect List: Miami Marlins
The Marlins farm system ranking tends to be a roller coaster ride. It flies up quickly and then back down. With the speedy promotions of Jose Fernandez and…. READ MORE
21 Seattle Mariners Top 10 Prospect List: Seattle
Over the last few years their system has rose to the top with the likes of Taijuan Walker, James Paxton and Mike Zunino. Recently it’s been these guys debuting in the majors and injuries that have really slowed the development. The Mariners had their hopes… READ MORE
22 Cleveland Indians Top 10 Prospect List: Cleveland
Cleveland has quite possibly the most head-scratch provoking farm systems in all of baseball. The current crop of players set to make their….READ MORE
23 Cincinnati Reds Top 10 Prospect List: Cincinnati
The Reds farm system has an abundance of hard-throwing, young right-handed pitchers highlighted by 2011 first round pick Robert Stephenson and several hitters with high-ceilings. Jess Winker is their…READ MORE
24 Los Angeles Angels Top 10 Prospect List: Los Angeles (AL)
The Angels came into the draft with their first first-round pick since 2011 and selected lefty Sean Newcomb 15th overall. With an 97+ fastball, improving slider and changeup he might move very fast…READ MORE
25 Tampa Bay Rays Top 10 Prospect List: Tampa Bay
In Major League Baseball timing is everything. So when the Dodgers were able to convince then Rays GM Andrew Friedman to join them in LA just three weeks into the offseason, the Rays were left with a huge whole and time on their side to get things prepared for 2015…READ MORE
26 Chicago White Sox Top 10 Prospect List: Chicago (AL)
Until recently the White Sox farm system has been a bottom-feeder for several years. Their time spent on rebuilding their farm system is starting to pay off.
When they were able to draft Carlos Rodon with the… READ MORE
27 San Francisco Giants Top 10 Prospect List: San Francisco
Over the last five years the Giants have captured three World Series titles. And the driving force behind these titles? Pitching; home-grown orange and black wearing, Brian Sabean believing, developed-through-their-system, Pitching….READ MORE
28 Oakland Athletics Top 10 Prospect List: Oakland
The Oakland Athletics offseason has been a tough one for fans as they have seen many members of the their current MLB roster AND their tops prospects sent off for trades. Dating back to mid-season last year the A’s have completed the following trades…READ MORE
29 Milwaukee Brewers Top 10 Prospect List: Milwaukee
You could make a pretty good case that the 2011 draft put the Brewers back a few years as far as drafting quality impact MLB players. They drafted Taylor Jungmann & Jed Bradley who both have yet to make their MLB debuts. While players like Sonny Gray, George Springer… READ MORE
30 Detroit Tigers Top 10 Prospect List: Detroit
Over the last several years the Tigers have spent their revenue on the big league club and not focusing on their farm system. That philosophy has resulted in winning at the big league level and … READ MORE

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