Q & A with Cornelius Randolph MLB Draft Prospect

Q & A with Cornelius Randolph MLB Draft Prospect 2015
We sit down with Cornelius Randolph from Griffin High School in Georgia to talk about his commitment to Clemson, potential draft and more.


Full Cornelius Randolph MLB Draft Prospect Details:
Draft Expectation: First Round 2015
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Cornelius Randolph of Griffin High SchoolCornelius Randolph MLB Draft Prospect photo courtesy of Baseball America

School: Year: Senior
School-Griffin High School in Georgia
Height/Weight-6’1″/190 lbs
Previously Drafted: Never

Quick Cornelius Randolph scouting report:

Randolph hails from Griffin High School, the same school that produced Tim Beckham a few years ago. Cornelius offers a very impressive approach to with the ability to hit for a high average with a little pop. This left-handed batter sprays the ball and is quite possibly the best strike-zone awareness among all of the high-school mlb draft prospects. His patience is one of his strong suits

He offers soft-hands and average range for a shortstop and may eventually move off of that spot but his arm strength fits pretty much anywhere on the infield.

Q & A with Cornelius Randolph MLB Draft 2015 Prospect:

MLB Top Prospects: #1 Coming into your senior season, what areas of your game did you want to specifically focus on?
Cornelius Randolph: Coming into my senior year I wanted to mainly focus on making my body better and becoming the all around player.

MLBTP: #2 You have committed to play at Clemson, what brought you to that decision over the Georgia in-state schools?
CR: My decision to commit to Clemson was made because Clemson is my dream school. Always wanted to go there growing up.

MLBTP: #3 When Tim Beckham (fellow Griffin High School grad) visits, do you pick his brain about the process, potentially being drafted etc? If so, what advice does he give you?
CR: Yes, when Tim visits I try to gather as much information about the draft process, and I talk to him about some of the the small things. Such as footwork around second base and things of that sort.

MLBTP: #4 You are very unique in that you bat left but throw right. How did that come together, is there a background story?
CR: I started batting left and throwing right because coming up I watched and mimicked my older brother.

MLBTP: #5  A lot of projected first round draft picks tend to get “caught up in the hype” how have you managed to stay grounded this season?
CR: Mostly by my parents. They keep me grounded. They’ve encouraged me to remember where you come from.

MLBTP: 6. Favorite team growing up?
CR: My favorite team growing up has always been the Baltimore Orioles.

MLBTP: #7 Who do you model your game after?
CR: Robinson Cano which is my favorite player. I just love how smoothly he plays the game.

MLBTP:#8 If you end up getting drafted who will be apart of the conversations about signing vs. going to school or has that decision?
CR: When that time comes my family will be in the discussion  on going to my dream school in Clemson University or starting my professional career.

We thank Cornelius for taking the a few moments to answer some questions.  Cornelius Randolph ranks as one of the top High School Draft Prospects and slots in around pick 41 in our Mock Draft. If you want to get more info on all of the top prospects in baseball pick up the Prospect Handbook available through Amazon.