Q & A with Chris Shaw MLB Draft Prospect 2015

Q & A with Chris Shaw MLB Draft Prospect 2015
We sat down with Chris Shaw from Boston College to talk about his Cape Cod experience, potential draft and more.


Full Chris Shaw MLB Draft Prospect Details:
Draft Expectation: First Round 2015
2015 MLB Mock Draft: Top 50 Picks

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Chris Shaw MLB Draft ProspectChris Shaw MLB Draft Prospect photo courtesy of John Quackenbos

School: Year: Junior
School-Boston College
Height/Weight-6’3″/248 lbs
Previously Drafted: 2012, 26th round by the New York Mets

Quick Bio on Chris Shaw:

Shaw is arguably the number power prospect in this years MLB draft. He put on a show during the 2014 Cape Cod League with eight homers and has carried over into his regular season with Boston College. His power from the right side is evident as the ball jumps off of his bat with his very smooth left-handed stroke. Scouts admire his work ethic and his determination. He currently plays outfield but some scouts believe he may end up moving to first as he does not run exceptionally well.  He played well at first base as a freshman.

9 Questions with Chris Shaw MLB Draft 2015 Prospect:

MLBTopProspects: #1 You spent the summer in the Cape Cod League facing some of the best pitchers in the country, what was that experience like?
Chris Shaw: Playing in the Cape Cod League was incredible. My host family was great and the competition was second to none. It was the best summer of my life.

MLBTP: #2 How do you think the Cape Cod league prepared you for your junior season?
CS: I think the Cape Cod League helped me for this year by getting me used to seeing tons of really good arms. Facing quality arms everyday was a fun challenge.

MLBTP: #3 Who is the best pitcher you have faced in College and in the Cape Cod League?
CS: I think the best pitcher I have faced in college would be North Carolina State’s Carlos Rodon. I faced him last year and my freshman year and he threw me mostly fastballs and a few sliders.

MLBTP: #4 Coming into this season, what areas of your game were you focused on improving?
CS: This year I am really just trying to focus on having fun and competing to the best of my ability. I love winning and want to do that every time I step on the field.

MLBTP: #5 You play the Boston Red Sox each year in an exhibition game, what is that experience like?
CS: Playing against the Red Sox is an incredible experience. I grew up a die hard Sox fan so being able to play against them every year is pretty surreal. Its definitely one of the highlights of our season every year.
NOTE: Chris went 1-2 in the 2015 Boston College – Red Sox Exhibition game. The 2015 season marked the 25th anniversary of the exhibition game.

Chris Shaw's Boston College squad face the Red Sox in the Annual Exhibition Series Photo Credit: Jim Pierce via the Boston College Baseball Facebook Page

MLBTP: #6 A lot of scouts rave about the adjustments you made from your Freshman season to Sophomore year, do you think it was more of getting comfortable to the Conference and the pitching or more the adjustments you made in during the off-season?
CS: I think the only real adjustment I made from after my freshman year was to go to the plate with more confidence and have the idea of getting a good pitch to hit and hitting it hard in my mind.

MLBTP: #7 Being a potential first round pick in this years MLB Draft can make some players change how some players play, how have you remained calm during the season with so much attention?
CS: I am just trying to go out and compete everyday and live in the moment. I don’t really think about all that other stuff too much, and I try and put all of my focus into helping the team win.

MLBTP: #8 Finish this sentence, my favorite team is_______________
CS: The Red Sox are my favorite team.

MLBTP: #9 Who is your favorite player or player you modeled your game after?
CS: My favorite players are David Ortiz and Josh Hamilton.

We thank Chris for taking the a few moments to answer some questions. When he does get drafted, he would become the first Boston College player drafted in the first round since 2009 (Tony Sanchez & Mike Belfiore). Chris Shaw ranks as the top power prospect in all of College baseball and slots in around pick 20 in our Mock Draft. If you want to get more info on all of the top prospects in baseball pick up the Prospect Handbook available through Amazon.

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