San Francisco Giants Farm System Report 2015

San Francisco Giants Farm System


Rank #27 heading into the 2015 season
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SF Giants Farm System

Over the last five years the Giants have captured three World Series titles. And the driving force behind these titles? Pitching; home-grown orange and black wearing, Brian Sabean believing, developed-through-their-system, Pitching.

For the most part their offense comes from free-agent signings but their calling-card is their pitching. As you start to assess their minor league system the focus is planted from the start on their first-round pick righty Kyle Crick. Armed with a blazing fast, his control and injuries have slowed his steady progression. Crick ranks at #46 on our top 100 prospect list. Crick often times gets compared to Matt Cain due to his stature and composure.

The Giants selected right-hander Tyler Beede in the 2014 draft and he’s very similar to Crick. He has an electric arm and is is very composed. Many critics compare Beede to Crick saying that they are exactly the same in regards to control or lack there of. That remains to be seen as 2015 will be Beede’s first full season and will more than likely head to Augusta this year. We have been big fans of Derek Law for some time prior to his tommy john surgery.

The Giants have three guys in the minors that can hit triple-digits and Law happens to be one of them. He rarely allows a walk and throws strikes, a lot of them. His tommy john surgery is a result of his mechanics. Watch video on him and you’ll start to notice a part in his windup where he jabs his right hand/arm down his side in such a vicious motion. Scouts tell us that’s why it happened. He should be back and ready to pitch mid to late 2015 season. Before the injury he was on the fast track. Keep an eye on these pitchers; Ty Blach and Ray Black. Not much is said about these two but both of which will have bright futures. Blach, a lefty who knows how to pitch and keep hitters honest. Black a flame-throwing righty that went through labrum surgery in 2013 and blew hitters away in 2014. Black is also a triple-digit guy. One more pitcher worth noting is Clayton Blackburn. Unlike Beede, Crick or Black, he does not have an over-powering fastball but works with a slider/sinker combination. His ceiling is limited but what he lacks in overall project-ability he makes up for it in pitch-ability. Simply put, the dude knows how to pitch.

The Giants do not have any great hitting prospects in their system. 2013 first-rounder Christian Arroyo needs work but is a promising young hitter. Not a lot of power at all. He’s still about three years away before making an impact at the big league level. He looks like a true second baseman, a very similar mold to Joe Panik.
Andrew Susac is a quality catcher, ranked #10 on our list of top 10 catching prospects. He’s a solid catcher with good hands but the Giants are going to have to figure out how to get him in the lineup as some guy named Posey is their starting catcher.

Stanford University has a way of getting the most out of hitters and that’s part of the reason why the Giants selected Austin Slater in the 8th round of 2014. Stanford’s mentality for hitting is getting the bat on the ball. Less swing-and-miss for power and more contact. Austin Slater is a prime example of that and the Giants were thrilled to grab him. He’s going to be a .300 or better hitter through the minors. Between these studs the San Francisco Giants farms system 2015 ranking is a fair assessment. Want more Giants Prospect News? Sign Up for the .